Sarah House • Functional Pottery


Serving Bowl, Dark Blue GlazeLarge Bowl, Light Blue Glaze
Berry Bowl, Brown/Green GlazeServing Dish, Light Blue Glaze

Bowls are the center piece of many kitchens.


From eating, serving, storage, and display; all sizes and shapes have many uses.

Whisk Bowl, Tan Glaze

Your favorite mug is a very personal choice; everyone in the family will have certain ones that they pick day after day.

These are sure to be in constant demand.

Mug, Dark Blue Glaze
Mug, Tan GlazeMug, Brown/Green Glaze

Mug, Light Blue Glaze

Multiple Functions


Pottery has a place in every room of the house. Some pieces have a specific function, some are just meant to enrich your surroundings.

In addition to the work shown here, I do many other pieces.

Special orders are considered.


Vase, Light Blue Glaze
Hand/Dish Soap PumpsSpoon Jar, Tan GlazePlatter, Brown/Green Glaze
Pitcher, Brown/Green GlazeVase, Dark Blue Glaze

Keep your yarn in check as you knit. No more retrieving your yarn from under the table or fighting the cat for possession.

Yarn Bowl, Tan Glaze
Yarn Bowl, Brown/Green GlazeYarn Bowl, Light Blue Glaze

Bowls are approximately 6 inches wide and tall and very sturdy.

I love placing mine in the floorboard of the car on trips, and I often take it along to knitting group. And if you have as many projects going at once as I do, skip the hole and you can switch yarns as often as you like.

Yarn Bowl, Blue Glaze